Zombie Dinosaur (Day 350 - 11 9 10)05:25

Zombie Dinosaur (Day 350 - 11 9 10)

Zombie Dinosaur (Day 350 - 11/9/10)
Date: November 9th, 2012
Running Time: 5:25

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  • Stephen's Dorm at SCAD


Stephen examines the broken toilet and admires his own skill with working said toilet. He then contemplates on how strange the last few days have been since they only have a few weeks until winter break, highlighted by Dan's zombie dinosaur. After an inpromptu glare by Alex, Dan continues with his impression of Stephen exiting the bathroom which is the ACTUAL zombie dinosaur. Stephen then progresses to explain the background of Dan's impression, being that his long legs fall asleep while playing toilet Tetris, Earthbound, and, most recently, Angry Birds. Then Stephen and Dan discuss Almond Joy candies and coconut-injected black licorice. Finally, Stephen reveals his four-hundred followers; 404 to be exact. The episode ends with a more than slightly odd jam session between Dan on recorder and Alex on guitar.


  • Taylor is apparently the only one of the four who likes Almond Joys, although not enough to consume a lot of them.


  • Stephen: (about Alex, who has just emerged from his room)"Oh god, you've summoned him. Go back to the cave!"

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