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Zeus, But Like, In A Pool (Day 183 - 5 26 10)07:51

Zeus, But Like, In A Pool (Day 183 - 5 26 10)

Zeus, But Like, In A Pool (Day 183 - 5/26/10) Date: May 26th, 2010 Running Time: 7:51


  • Unspecified Restaurant
  • The Dorm



Stephen quickly cuts the vlog ahead to the dorm where he opens a magic trade letter from TheDrownedGod  with Dan. He got some extra stuff he didn't trade for too. He got one final Plains to put in the special frame. They also started packing up the dorm because the year is almost over.


  • Stephen "Actually if Zeus, was in a pool, wouldn't he like electrocute himself, 'cause like he's the thunder guy."
  • Stephen "You got like crap on the floor and crap on the egg crate and crap in the toilet, I mean everywhere, it's crazy."


  • He got the cards: Honor of the Pure, Day of Summons, Elemental Appeal, Lull Mage Mentor, Ignite Disorders, Slave of Bolas in Spanish, and  a Two Tokens card.

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