You Said "Boat"! • 3.207:51

You Said "Boat"! • 3.2.17

You Said "Boat"! • 3.2.17
Date: March 2nd, 2017
Running Time: 7:50

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  • Alex's car
  • Alex and Hayley's apartment
  • Rae's Restaurant
  • Blick store
  • Le Saigon


The vlog starts off with the four of them driving away from the boat, and what it was like leaving the boat.

Back at Alex and Hayley's place, Stephen talks about eating breakfast at Rae's, as well as the motion sickness that all of them are experiencing. Hayley then opens a box sent by Lane (dpstatic) full of Wisconsin cheeses (and some candy) that all of them can enjoy.

Afterwards, they go over to Daiso and a Blick store to but some cheap paints for Hayley's and Mal's art stream which is happening in three days. Following that, they head to Le Saigon for dinner, where Hayley got spring rolls and talks about how spring rolls used to be a food she made to take her mind off being sad. Alex and Mal got phở, while Stephen got 'com Saigon dac biet' (meaning house special rice dish).

Later at the apartment, Stephen talks about how he and Alex were worried since they both felt sick, and then they realized that it was because they hadn't eaten in 7 hours, so now they feel better. Also, Stephen says the word "boat", which makes Alex and Hayley feel like they're on the boat.

To end the day, Stephen talks about how they are going to Palos Verdes the next day.


  • "...let's meet back tomorrow." - Stephen
    • "Nope. I'm not gonna. I don't wanna, I quit." - Hayley
    • "Kay, you can't quit. Your contract is for... a few more years." - Stephen

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