You Pay Now05:19

You Pay Now. (Day 452 - 2 19 11)

You Pay Now. (Day 452 - 2/19/11)
Date: February 19th, 2011
Running Time: 5:19

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  • Stephen's dorm
  • Super King Buffet
  • Stephen's car


Stephen realizes that he forgot to bring short-sleeve T-shirts and that it's 75 degrees out today.

He and his roommates go eat at Super King Buffet. The food is good for the most part, except for the sushi. Stephen notes that he can't eat food that's looking at him, and Dan is in a similar situation. Towards the end of the meal, their server sets their checks down and asks them to pay immediately with the words "You Pay Now."


  • Stephen: "You get 40% [tip] for doing such a good job of never coming to the table at all!"

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