You Guys Are Awesome! (Day 377 - 12 6 10)10:41

You Guys Are Awesome! (Day 377 - 12 6 10)

You Guys Are Awesome! (Day 377 - 12/6/10)
Date: December 6th, 2010
Running Time: 10:41

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  • The post office
  • Stephen's car
  • Justin's workshop
  • Stephen's parents' house


On the way to drop off The Nutcracker for Justin, Stephen picks up some mail from fans.

First up, Tristan (daracoz619) sends in the final Magic card to go into the card frame, as well as some Y Juz.

Next, Lorin (TacticsElf) sends a signed card. Stephen notes that Lorin has recently started a daily vlog, and encourages the audience to check out his channel.

Finally, Chelsea (tiramisuki) sends a package with a letter and some drawings. She also gives Stephen a salamander Christmas ornament as a reference to Ninten Speaks.

Stephen thanks all the viewers for continuing to watch and support the vlog and encourages them to keep engaging with him.

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