You Dropped Your Mushroom, Buddy! • 2.2508:02

You Dropped Your Mushroom, Buddy! • 2.25.17

You Dropped Your Mushroom, Buddy! • 2.25.17
Date: February 25th, 2017
Running Time: 8:01

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  • KULA
  • Alex and Hayley's apartment
  • Norms


The vlog starts off with all of them eating sushi for lunch at KULA.

They then go back to the apartment, where Stephen talks about how he worked on more vlogs, and how they all watched most of season two of Rick and Morty. Stephen also talks about how they are getting stuff packed for the cruise the next day. After that, all of them make some DIY きのこの山 (kinoko no yama) or as Alex calls them, mushroom buddies.

For dinner, they head to Norm's, where Stephen expresses how happy he is about the food (though Alex complains that it doesn't compare Waffle House). Stephen is particularly happy about the free-flow hot chocolate.

Back at the apartment, the chocolate mushrooms are done and Alex drops his mushroom on the floor, which makes Alex very sad. Besides that, he is very happy with how they turned up.

Stephen ends the vlog by talking about how much food he ate at Norms and their plan for the next day.


  • "I just want to eat and I did that, so... I'm just, at this point, looking forward to dinner." - Stephen
  • "Is this how you normally eat these?" - Stephen (in response to Alex putting the chocolate mushrooms in a cup)
    • "I don't know about where you came from, but when my grandma made mushroom buddies, this is the traditional serving dish." - Alex


  • きのこの山 (kinoko no yama, lit. mushroom mountain), is a Japanese snack, consisting of chocolate mushroom caps and biscuit stems.

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