You Are The DENTIST! (Day 669 - 9 24 11)17:51

You Are The DENTIST! (Day 669 - 9 24 11)

You Are The DENTIST! (Day 669 - 9/24/11)
Date: September 24th, 2011
Running Time: 17:51

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People Edit

Locations Edit

  • Stephen and Mal's Apartment
  • Lizard's Thicket
  • Za's Brick Oven Pizza

Summary Edit

Dan's here for the weekend! They have lunch at Lizard's Thicket then spend tons of time playing games. Stephen also gets a letter from Abby (MsReno56), which he and Dan read by alternating one word at a time.

For dinner, they meet up with Thomas for the first time at Za's Brick Oven Pizza. Afterwards, all four of them head back to Stephen's apartment for a game of Mario Party 2. Dan wins.

Notes Edit

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