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YouTube to Google Plus Transition (Day 1416 - 10 10 13)20:52

YouTube to Google Plus Transition (Day 1416 - 10 10 13)

YouTube to Google Plus Transition (Day 1416 - 10/10/13)
Date: October 10th, 2013
Running Time: 20:52



  • Stephen and Mal's apartment


Stephen has been up all night due primarily to the new YouTube to Google Plus transition.  The merge between YouTube and Google Plus is not yet mandatory, but it will be soon.  Since it was already a late night for Stephen, he decided to stay up and get the linking issues sorted out.  It ended up taking around two hours due to the confusing process.  Each separate channel on YouTube must have a personal Google Plus account, meaning that Stephen has 4 or more separate Google Plus accounts for his channels.  In addition, each channel "exists" twice: each channel has an additional personal profile linked to it.

In short, the process is a nightmare if you have more than one YouTube channel.

The good news is that he and Mal have gotten all their travel plans for Christmas sorted out: they will be flying back to Wisconsin.


  • This vlog was filmed on Friday, December 11th.

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