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YouTube's New Comment System (Day 1443 - 11 6 13)26:35

YouTube's New Comment System (Day 1443 - 11 6 13)

YouTube's New Comment System (Day 1443 - 11/6/13)
Date: November 6th, 2013
Running Time: 26:35



  • Stephen and Mal's apartment


Stephen says that this vlog was recorded on November 7th, since he tried to film a vlog the day before, but there was a lot more that he needed to say.  He uses this day to explain YouTube's new comment system, where commenting requires users to have a Google+ account.  He goes through the pros and cons of the new system: links, formatting, moderation, Google+ integration, comment sorting, etc.  On the whole, Stephen says that the change is a good thing, barring the initial change and glitches that accompany such a change.

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