Xbox Live is Stupid (Day 820 - 2 22 12)03:13

Xbox Live is Stupid (Day 820 - 2 22 12)

Xbox Live is Stupid (820 - 2/22/12)
Date: February 22nd, 2012
Running Time: 3:13

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People Edit

Locations Edit

  • Stephen's House

Summary Edit

Stephen basically make a rant video (just when we thought we were through with rant vlogs...), except this time, it's about the XBOX Live and it's friends list. There isn't anything wrong with that...except for the fact that it has an arbitrary limit of ONE HUNDRED friends! So, Stephen decides to rant about the situation, and how he had to remove EVERYONE on his friends list so that he can save some slots, then decides that if people are going to attend the event, they can friend him back...Then reminds everyone about the Halo Reach event that will happen on Saturday...and recaps what he had just ranted about...


  • This is the sixth time Stephen has ranted on the vlog. The other five times he ranted were days 98, 143, 153, 257, and 482.
  • Stephen mentions that when Paul was here, he said that Stephen won't have any more slots if people keep requesting him because of the 100 friend limit.
  • Stephen also mentions the Halo Reach event from day 818.


  • Stephen: "You want to hear about something really stupid? Let me tell something really stupid. Xbox Live is stupid, I'll tell you that right now."

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