Wobbliest Claw (Day 1992 - 5 9 15)17:19

Wobbliest Claw (Day 1992 - 5 9 15)

Wobbliest Claw (Day 1992 - 5/9/15)
Date: May 9th, 2015
Running Time: 17:19

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  • Emile's house
  • Sugarloaf Mills Mall
    • An arcade



Stephen, Emile, and Masae after a successful escape from Mystery Room.

As Stephen so eloquently puts it, today involves "eat food, do thing, shop place." Stephen, Emile, and Masae head out to a mall, where there's a plethora of competitive arcade-ing that happens, including some air hockey and competitive Mario Kart. They also stop by Mystery Room, a real-life room escape facility.

To end the day, Stephen teaches Emile and Masae how to play Magic.


  • Emile: "Friendship is Magic the Gathering."
  • Masae: "Let's meet back here tomorrow, shall we?"

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