Wisconsin Is A Strange Land (Day 272 - 8 23 10)08:12

Wisconsin Is A Strange Land (Day 272 - 8 23 10)

Wisconsin Is A Strange Land (Day 272 - 8/23/10)
Date: August 23rd, 2010
Running Time: 8:11

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  • Rhonda's House
  • The Bamboo House


Stephen and Mallory spend their day seeing Mal's dad and his girlfriend Rhonda. They go to Rhonda's house that is being redone and then have lunch at The Bamboo House. After that they go to Target to pick up Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and the vlog ends with Mal beating up a fat bearded man and an old woman for their money on her newly acquired copy of Grand Theft Auto.


  • Stephen: "You have any thing to say for yourself? You just beat up that poor old woman."
    • Mallory: "She had it coming."
    • Stephen: "I see."

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