Wilford Brimley Shoes (Day 176 - 5 19 10)03:37

Wilford Brimley Shoes (Day 176 - 5 19 10)

Wilford Brimley Shoes (Day 176 - 5/19/10)
Date: May 19th, 2010
Running Time: 3:37

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  • Stephen's Dorm
  • Stephen's Room
  • Dan's Room


Stephen briefly goes over how he will soon be done with the quarter at SCAD and only has a project due monday and a Chinese art exam Wednesday. Stephen then references the shirts people are making and shows off the "That's Dan; That's what she said" hoodie that references day 166. Stephen decides to show the hoodie to Dan. Stephen then guesses Dan is playing Red Dead Redemption in his room and is correct. Dan is playing Red Dead Redemption and says that it is a wonderful game and nails the Western feel. Then Dan and Taylor proceed to look at the shirt and have a few laughs. Then in a recommended spot on the site, the site recommended to Stephen Sarah Palin shoes. They start talking about how nobody would want the shoes, then they state they would buy Wilford Brimley Shoes.


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