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"Man Eats While Singing Anime Intro"

Stephen and Mallory clean out the litter-box and then take out the trash, before grabbing some lunch from Bojangles' to bring back home. that Stephen can eat chicken and sing the Fullmetal Alchemist opening song from the comfort of his home.

After that, they worked all through the night until the next morning, because according to Mallory, "when you get in the groove, you just can't stop!" Essentially, what happened was that Mallory wanted to keep painting so Stephen stayed up with her and did work too.

They have a lot of work to do anyway, because of their upcoming trip to Wisconsin, but it shouldn't be as bad as before their Arizona trip.


  • "Oh man, I gotta pee in this." - Stephen (voicing the cats' thoughts towards their clean litterbox)


  • As a bonus video, Stephen released an alternate ending to the vlog which features him singing the intro of Fullmetal Alchemist which stuffing chicken in his mouth.