What Do We Call You? (Day 351 - 11 10 10)11:30

What Do We Call You? (Day 351 - 11 10 10)

What Do We Call You? (Day 351 - 11/10/10)
Date: November 10th, 2010
Running Time: 11:30

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  • Stephen's Dorm at SCAD


Stephen prepares some burgers for dinner. He then opens two letters, which contain a Y Juz card and a signed land card, from Jeremy and Jordan. Stephen asks the audience to come up with a name for themselves. Alex then gives a letter to Stephen that was accidentally put in Alex's mailbox. Stephen opens the letter and soon bursts into uncontrollable laughter. The letter is revealed to be a fake letter from Alex. Stephen ends the vlog by showing the audience what he does with the letters he recieves and reminding the audience to come up with name for themselves.



  • Stephen: " I dwoo u pictuu*Bursts out laughing*"

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