Welcome Back to South Carolina (Day 866 - 4 8 12)05:21

Welcome Back to South Carolina (Day 866 - 4 8 12)

Wecome Back to South Carolina (Day 866 - 4/8/12)
Date: April 8th. 2012
Running Time: 5:21

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  • Stephen's hotel
  • Clary's


Stephen and Mallory eat at Clary's with Taylor, who they haven't seen since Stephen and Mallory married. Stephen makes pizza and finishes Helvetica. Stephen says he has to check e-mails, video comments, and he and Mallory need to make Let's Plays.


  • Stephen uses a sign saying "Welcome to South Carolina" to make the Vlog day's title; the only white text is the word back and an arrow inserting it into the sentence.

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