Weather Greater Than Yard Sale (Day 571 - 6 18 11)08:14

Weather Greater Than Yard Sale (Day 571 - 6 18 11)

Weather [Greater Than] Yard Sale (Day 571 - 6/18/11)
June 18th, 2011
Running Time 8:14

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  • Stephen's Parents' House


Stephen and his family are having their yard sale today. It started at 7:00, but people were showing up for the yard sale since 6:20. Stephen ends up selling his tech decks to a woman for $5, but it takes some persuasion.

Later, he says that his father can sell almost anything. When people come up, he convinces them that they need any given item. Stephen says that he is very surprised at how well they were doing. He then goes inside and takes a nap only to be woken up by Mallory telling him that he needs to help tear down the tables that they used for the yard sale.

When they are done, Stephen says that he is trying to get Earthbound done so he can reformat his computer. Mallory calls him over to look at the sunset. He then says that the weather is greater than the yard sale in terms of being interesting.

They end the day by playing Scrabble. Mallory starts to tear apart the board before Stephen can vlog it. Stephen has the worst game of Scrabble he has ever played while his mom won for the very first time.

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