We Lost the Footage (Day 758 - 12 22 11)00:52

We Lost the Footage (Day 758 - 12 22 11)

We Lost the Footage (Day 758 - 12/22/11)
December 22nd, 2011
Running Time: 0:52

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  • Stephen's Parent's House


Stephen says basically that they lost the footage for this day, and then tells us to imagine Mallory and Debra making wonderful truffles and candy. He then shows us what was left of the truffles Mallory and Debra made, before taking a bite of one of the raspberry truffles that Mallory made. Then Stephen tells us to find out why they lost the footage in the next two days, before eating the rest of the truffle.


  • On day 760, Stephen explains that the fault of the lost footage was his Mac's hard drive, which was completely dead.


  • Stephen: "Hello, everyone. Welcome to whatever the heck day 758 was."

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