We Ain't Doin' That (Day 884 - 4 26 12)12:17

We Ain't Doin' That (Day 884 - 4 26 12)

We Ain't Doin' That (Day 884 - 4/26/12)
Date: April 26th, 2012
Running Time:12:17

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  • Stephen's apartment


Stephen welcomes the viewers to Thursday and says that he has to think before saying the day because he usually does not know it. Stephen asks the viewers for some basic words he can use in the guessing game he will have with Taiwanese middle-schoolers.

Andrew sends a typed letter thanking Stephen and Mallory for all the entertainment they've given to him through the Vlog and Let's Play channels. Brooke tells the story of how she found StephenVlog through Fobbies Are Borange and sends pictures of Stephen and Mallory, "The Many Faces of Stephen", and a recipe for pumpkin bread. The last letters are from Noel and Austin which ask Stephen to mention their mutual friend's YouTube channel, though Stephen does not.


  • The song Stephen was singing in the start of the Vlog was a reference to Birdhouse in Your Soul by They Might Be Giants, specifically the line about a blue canary in the outlet by the light switch which inspired the creation of the nightlight he was filming.
  • Stephen talks to the Taiwanese students on Day 890.
  • Stephen says that the Wiki is finally coming in handy five years later, but it was actually created on May 17th, 2011.


  • Stephen: "Livin' life and eatin' food. Dang, that is the slogan for StephenVlog."

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