We've Lived Here SIX MONTHS?! • 3.1611:33

We've Lived Here SIX MONTHS?! • 3.16.17

We've Lived Here SIX MONTHS?! • 3.16.17
Date: March 16th, 2017
Running Time: 11:32

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  • Stephen and Mal's house


It's morning, the sun is shining, and Stephen has just returned from buying bread and bacon to eat with eggs for breakfast. In other words, they managed their sleep schedule!

Some time later, Stephen is snacking on some chips and salsa while Mallory makes some Popin' Cookin' donuts. Stephen is doubtful about it the entire time, and comments after eating one that "it tastes like a slightly flavored sponge, that someone put like, a dollop of Hershey's syrup on".

The last thing on the agenda for the day is to install a light in their office for Q&As, which Stephen got on Jeff's recommendation. Stephen drills it in, tests it and it is super bright. He also talks about how it was when they first changed the lights in the room.

Before ending the day, Stephen mentions that they hung up their Youtube Play Button for 100,000 subscribers as well as cleaned up their office. He remarks that they've needed to clean up the office for 6 months* (or since they moved in), at which he is surprised that they've lived in the house for 6 months already.



  • Mallory has also made ice cream, a burgertakoyaki and sushi from Popin' Cookin' kits.
    • Though slightly different, Mal has also made "mushroom buddies" using a similar kit, with Alex and Hayley.
  • The light they installed today was the Fovitec StudioPRO S600B.
  • *To be exact, Stephen and Mallory obtained the lease for their house on Day 2515, which was October 13th, 2016. This means that as of this vlog day, they had owned their house for 5 months and 3 days.
    • However, they only fully moved in on Day 2542, which was November 9th, 2016. Thus, as of this vlog day, they had lived in their house for 4 months and 1 week.

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