We're Upside-Down And At Sam's (Day 123 - 3 27 10)-006:46

We're Upside-Down And At Sam's (Day 123 - 3 27 10)-0

We're Upside-Down And At Sam's (Day 123 - 3/27/10)
March 27th, 2010
Running Time: 6:46

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  • Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport
  • Stephen's car
  • The dorm at SCAD
  • Sam's Club
  • Hollywood Video
  • Outside of a Big K-Mart


Stephen drops Mallory off at the airport, Stephen takes a nap, the gang goes to Sam's, Stephen tries out a new Facebook feature, and Alex improvises some barbeque chicken pizza for dinner.

Everybody watches some Dragon Ball Z, and then goes out for a bit to visit a closing Hollywood Video, and K-Mart so that Dan can buy a copy of Just Cause 2.

Back at the dorm, Dan plays his game a bit, and Stephen talks about his "Self-Portrait" project (a video about himself) that he's going to work on soon.


  • The title: Alex was screwing around with the camera, filming upside while Stephen was driving through the parking lot of Sam's Club.


  • "It's a good thing they 9/11-proofed all their buildings with that armor plating" -Alex, in response to Dan crashing a plane into a building (which was unscathed in the explosion) in Just Cause 2.

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