We're Just Gonna Go To Chilis (Day 117 - 3 21 10)07:29

We're Just Gonna Go To Chilis (Day 117 - 3 21 10)

We're Just Gonna Go To Chilis (Day 117 - 3/21/10)
March 21th, 2010
Running Time: 7:29

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  • Stephen's family home
  • Stephen's car
  • The dorm at SCAD
  • Chili's
  • Wal-Mart


Stephen eats a meal with Debra and Mallory, Mallory opens a gift from Debra, and Stephen and Mallory head to SCAD.

At the dorm, Dan plays Just Cause 2, and he and Alex talk about the game's apparent plot holes. After everybody claps when Stephen comes out of the bathroom for some reason, they head to Chili's.

At Chili's, Dan tells Stephen he should sell shirts with a picture of Alex on them that say "Look, Man" (Alex doesn't like the idea), Alex pretends(?) to be mad at Stephen for getting him into They Might Be Giants, everybody sings (weakly) for Stephen, Mallory, and Dan's birthdays. On the way out the door, Alex says that he wanted to punch the waiter, and that the waiter reminded him of Dan.

Before heading back, they go to Wal-Mart. Stephen looks at dice, and Dan holds some razor blades.

Back at the dorm, Stephen shows the viewers the card frame, and which slots are still available.

Notes Edit

  • A viewer would later mock up his own version of the shirt they discussed on this day. Stephen shows it to Alex in Day 125

Quotes Edit

  • "I was thinking about punching that waiter... but I decided again' it.... he reminded me of Dan." -Alex, on their waiter at Chili's.
  • "Dan will dismember himself if you send the wrong cardboard sheet of paper, so yeah, just... uh, don't... don't do that" -Stephen, in response to Dan saying he would chop of his hand and send it to anyone who sent Stephen a duplicate Land card for the frame, so that he could punch the sender.

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