We're Gonna Make Sweet Tea (Day 95 - 2 27 10)09:09

We're Gonna Make Sweet Tea (Day 95 - 2 27 10)

We're Gonna Make Sweet Tea (Day 95 - 2/27/10)
February 27th, 2010
Running Time: 9:08

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  • Stephen's Dorm
  • Stephen's Car
  • Oyotunji Village


Stephen starts out by saying that he is about to head back to the village. In the car Stephen talks about how he sings with his music while driving, especially if he is by himself, and asks the viewers if any of them do that. The next several clips involve Stephen singing along with various songs.

There are a few brief clips showing the village. Back in the car Stephen says that hopefully no more filming needs to be done. Later at the dorm Stephen speaks of how the cinematographer gave him all the footage, and that a rough cut is due in three days which is problematic because there is no existing script.

After showing Luke's signed land and yelling "Luke!", Stephen explains he is going to be busy with finishing the rough cut, and may not have time to edit vlogs. He shows that he is making two packs of Ramen.

At 2:00 AM Stephen decides to show the viewers how to make sweet tea with Dan's help. While trying to do so, Alex mocks and questions Stephen's instructions and methods.

Instructions (for 1 gallon):

  • get a pitcher that can hold a gallon
  • Boil a gallon of water
  • use eight tea bags to steep the water while boiling
    • tying the strings of the bags allows them to be steeped simulatniusly
  • use 2 cups of sugar
    • use more or less if desired
  • once the water boils wait one minute
  • remove tea bags and add sugar until dissolved
    • undissolved sugar can be felt on the bottom with stirring utensil
  • turn off heat and add to pitcher
    • Stephen suggests pouring away from the body and over a sink
  • Optional: add ice to cool faster and drink sooner

After making the tea a message appears on the screen encouraging viewers to leave a comment if they tried making sweet tea, or have any tea related suggestions.

Quotes Edit

  • Stephen:"I'm gonna teach Dan how to make sweet tea, and you guys get to learn how to make sweet tea too! Cooking with Stephen.
    • Alex:"Boil the water, add the tea in, put some sugar in there."
  • Stephen:"You need a pitcher that holds a gallon of liquid, like this one. You'll know-"
    • Alex:"or you could just make less than a gallon."
    • Stephen:"Shut up! Okay, so this is a gallon-"
    • Alex:"What if you're makin' two gallons? hmm?"
  • Stephen:"This has been a Cooking With Stephen Production on how to make the most difficult thing in the world, sweet tea.

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