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We'll See Ya in Boston (Day 1430 - 10 24 13)11:04

We'll See Ya in Boston (Day 1430 - 10 24 13)

We'll See Ya in Boston (Day 1430 - 10/24/13)
Date: October 24th, 2013
Running Time: 11:04



  • Stephen and Mal's apartment


Yesterday, Stephen and Dan bought ten PAX East tickets for them and their friends.  Thus, he officially announces that they will be going to PAX East 2014. Stephen also shares a strange dream that he had last night.  In the dream, he and Mal go to visit Thomas in Charleston, where he lives across the street from a flea market that is attached to a haunted house.  The floors of the flea market have glass floors with plastic tubes underneath that are big enough for cats to fit through. They put Sagan and Kepler into the tubes, then go back to Thomas' house.  Stephen realizes that they may have lost Sagan and Kepler, and he and Mal go back to the flea market to look for the kitties. Then he wakes up.  Kind of a weird dream.

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