Walls Are Your Canvas • 3.2106:56

Walls Are Your Canvas • 3.21.17

Walls Are Your Canvas • 3.21.17
Date: March 21st, 2017
Running Time: 6:55

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  • Stephen and Mal's house


Stephen and Mallory have sent off Mal's painting and are ready to eat lunch that they got from Chick-fil-A, which prompts them to talk about how the people at the drive-through probably know them by now. Once again, they praise Chick-fil-A and its healthy options (especially the salad!).

Stephen then talks about their agenda for the day: Mal has to continue working on the Halo painting, while he is going to try and finish everything for the rest of the week so he can finish working on Fan Favorites.

Later in the day, Stephen shares how he did, which was not so good, since other work popped up which he had to spend the whole day doing. He adds that Mallory had wanted to hang up artwork, since it's been a while since they moved in, so that's what they did!

Stephen shows off a photograph of galaxies that they hung up, as well as Nintendo vs Sega poster that they got at a PAX from a Fangamer event. In addition, they hung up a piece of fan art by Mason of Sagan and Kepler that they got in a mail video, which is the first piece of fan art to be hung up in their house!

He also talks about how since they have more walls, they want to hang up more stuff, like a Shadow of the Colossus poster. Stephen thinks it's really cool to have space because the walls are his and Mal's canvas, and lets them hang up photos and posters that they like.

Before ending the vlog, Stephen says he's going to eat the leftover pizza from his birthday, watch some Seinfeld with Mallory, and then head to bed. Even though he couldn't get everything he wanted done, at least it is done and he can focus on other things the next day.


  • "Hi cute boys! Do you like the symphony? The symphonic sounds of the PlayStation 3 starting?" -Stephen (to Sagan and Kepler)


  • (If anyone knows which Mail video Mason sent in his fan art, please add it here!)

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