WWDC 2012 (Day 930 - 6 11 1206:51

WWDC 2012 (Day 930 - 6 11 12

WWDC 2012 (Day 930 - 6/11/12)
Date: June 11th, 2012
Running Time: 6:51

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  • Stephen's Apartment


Stephen talks a short bit about WWDC (Apple's 'WorldWide Developers Conference), his God of War and Skyrim LPs, he and Mallory pushing their sleep schedule forward steadily, and soup. He then elaborates on his thoughts regarding WWDC, most notably the Mac Pro.


  • Stephen: "...welcome to Monday...and doggone, it was nearly Monday, like pretty stinkin''s actually Tuesday. *whispers* But it's Monday's vlog; don't tell anyone!"

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