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WELCOME TO PAX 2013! (Day 1375 - 8 30 13)18:40

WELCOME TO PAX 2013! (Day 1375 - 8 30 13)

WELCOME TO PAX 2013! (Day 1375 - 8/30/13)
Date: August 30th, 2013
Running Time: 18:40



  • Seattle, WA
    • The Red Lion Hotel
    • Specialty's Cafe and Bakery
    • Washington State Convention Centre (PAX Prime venue)
    • Serious Pie


Taylor has successfully joined the group!  Stephen, Mal, Alex, Dan, Hayley, and Taylor get lunch at a nearby cafe, and Thomas drops by to see them.  They wander around the expo hall and take in all the sights and sounds.  Stephen and co. try out the Xbox One and the PS4, mostly for the controllers.  On the way, they meet up with some fans and experience all sorts of video game-related goodness (and Mal gets a pinwheel for her hair).  They have dinner at Serious Pie, and then Stephen and Mal head to a Runaway Guys tournament.  Patrick joins up with them back at the hotel room.  Jeff discovers that Stephen's camera has a custom white balance option for video, something that Stephen has not known about despite the fact that he bought the camera 475 days earlier.  Hayley steals the camera and gives a tour of the hotel hallway.  The vlog ends with an image being conveniently censored out by a panda.


  • Stephen: "Don't even bother looking over there because all you're gonna see is a panda."

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