Volcano Fun-Ness (Day 65 - 1 28 10)03:52

Volcano Fun-Ness (Day 65 - 1 28 10)

Volcano Fun-Ness (Day 65 - 1/28/10)
Date: January 28th, 2010
Running Time: 3:51

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People Edit

Locations Edit

  • The dorm at SCAD
  • Stephen's car (outside SCAD's package center)
  • Taco Bell

Summary Edit

Mallory needed some art supplies, so Stephen is going to ship her some he had leftover from classes he took. One of the computer parts Taylor ordered that arrived yesterday doesn't work. He ordered a new one, and he's going with Stephen so that they can take care of both of their errands at SCAD's package center.

Dan apparently went too, because he's in the car with Stephen and Taylor in the next shot, in the parking lot outside the package center. There's been a fire drill in the building that the package center occupies, and so they have to wait for the staff to return before they can take care of business.

After having to sit and listen to Cher on the radio for a while, Taylor has his package, and puts it in the back of Stephen's car. Stephen decides he's going to mail his own package at the post office.

After taking care of the packages and going to the bank (off screen), the trio is at Taco Bell. They each ordered the new NBA Big Box, and Stephen took it a step further and got the Volcano version.

Back at the dorm, Stephen says they're back, and says that Alex didn't get to go. Alex, shown briefly on screen, doesn't seem to care.

At his desk, Stephen reflects on the day and mentions that he uploaded the episode of Ninten Speaks that he filmed the previous day. He's going to try and film a new one every week. The process takes about six hours. The next day, the group is going to make their weekly trip to Sam's Club. They have get Alex back at 5PM, because he's participating in the Game Jam, a 48 hour video game creating competition. If his group's game is any good, Stephen is going to ask Alex if he can post it where vlog viewers can download and play it. Stephen also brings up the Magic event that's on Saturday again. This means he's going to have to get up at noon two days in a row, which he's not looking forward to.

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