From StephenMail #4 when Stephen and Mallory put on envelopes as hats.

VlogMail (previously StephenMail) videos are videos in which Stephen and Mallory (consistently from StephenMail #4) open up mail sent to them by their viewers. The videos are currently released after the vlog of the 15th day of each month, and features mail received in the previous month.

VlogMail was originally created in response to viewers who wanted mail opened in videos separate from the vlog days, as Stephen was getting larger amounts of mail weekly and separate mail videos would make it easier to find when Stephen opened their mail.

The videos have taken on a number of different formats since the inception of VlogMail, with each iteration changing the way standalone letters are featured in episodes.

This list is in reverse chronological order, with the oldest video at the bottom and the most recent video at the top.

Format 3Edit

These episodes contain one "featured" letter read in its entirety; all packages are opened and read on camera. Mail is opened and shown in videos based on its postmarked date.




Format 2Edit

These episodes feature abridged versions of standalone letters with all letters from packages read in their entirety. Mail is opened and shown in videos based on its postmarked date.



Format 1Edit

These videos contain all standalone letters and letters from packages read in their entirety. In each video, usually only four to five pieces of mail would be opened.



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