Vampig (Day 761 - 12 25 11)22:26

Vampig (Day 761 - 12 25 11)

Vampig (Day 761 - 12/25/11)
Date: December 25th, 2011
Running Time: 22:26

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  • Stephen's parents' house


Stephen and his family celebrate Christmas. Mallory gets boots, sweaters, Bananagrams, a dress, a hand blender, some shirts, a belt, leggings, an iron, socks, oils, perfumes, a necklace, a 20-sided die, and a Paula keychain; Stephen gets many new shirts, Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson, underwear, a flashlight, a Chick-Fil-A calendar, pants, a PlayStation 3, and a guitar hanger; Stephen and Mallory get bedding sheets, a wedding album, a weight scale, candy canes, a locket, and pillows; Steve gets pajamas, cologne, and a card; Debra gets perfume and a card; and Steve and Debra get a quilt.

Then they eat peas and mushrooms, green bean casserole, rolls, sweet potato pie, turkey, corn, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, cottage cheese, broccoli, butter, and jam, and play Bananagrams.


  • Stephen: "You can also use it as a blunt object."
    • Mallory: "Better watch out."
  • Debra: (to Steve): "Merry Christmas."
    • Steve: (reading Debra's card): "I love you, thank you for being my master-partner! Sorry."

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