VIP TOUR OF DISNEYLAND (Day 2033 - 6 19 15)20:40

VIP TOUR OF DISNEYLAND (Day 2033 - 6 19 15)

VIP TOUR OF DISNEYLAND (Day 2033 - 6/19/15)
Date: June 19th, 2015
Running Time: 20:40

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  • Los Angeles, CA
    • Hearthstone Lounge
    • Disney's California Adventure Park
    • A restaurant in Disney's California Adventure Park
    • Disneyland Park
    • A restaurant in Disneyland Park
    • Alex and Hayley's Apartment


Stephen, Mal, and Josh visit Disneyland for the first time in their lives. Since they work for Maker Studios (which is owned by Disney), they are able to skip all the ride line-ups. The three of them go on various rides in Disney's California Adventure Park and Disneyland Park, where Stephen and Josh have fun and act like kids, before watching a parade and fireworks in Disneyland Park. Afterwards, they return to Alex and Hayley's apartment where they recant the day, and Stephen nearly forgets to end the vlog properly.

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