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    May 11, 2012 by Xfisjmg1

    Hey everyone! I have no idea how to get everyone's attention so I figured this might do it.

    First order of business is adminship—TBustah and Residujuan, you guys are admins. TBustah should've been one a while ago, and Residujuan is a crazy hard worker who is passionate about the Wiki. I hope these newfound abilities help you in some way.

    Next up, we should figure out the best way to communicate what needs to be done. It doesn't matter too much in these early stages since the Wiki is still being assembled, but later on it's gonna be a necessity. The Wiki has a built-in forum , so I'm thinking we could use that. I also checked on other features available, and there's a "message wall" that looks promising. The forum might work for now. Your inp…

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