A big thanks to everyone for their response to the call for help. Please read this, it's kind of important.

As Stephen mentioned, I'm TBustah, and I've been working on the Wiki again quite diligently. It's a project that he and I started about a year ago, but I was forced to abandon because my PC lacked adequate RAM to do the necessary YouTube streaming that vlog summaries require. A few other people worked with him in my absence, but they didn't stuck around much longer than I did. Now that I have a better machine, I'm back, and I hope you'll all stay and join me in this insane pursuit of documenting what is already a documentation of somebody's day to day life. XD

I believe our main focus should be vlog days for now. Between me, Stephen, and a few other users, we've done about 100 vlog day pages so far. That means we have over 800 to catch up on, and Stephen isn't going to take a break from uploading new videos for us to catch up. I'm trying to do three vlog day pages every day, and I would encourage all of you to try and set similar goals. If everyone were to add even a single page a day, it would make a significant difference.

You can, of course, start other pages (just no pages for people, Stephen isn't sure how he wants to handle those yet), but we need day pages a lot more. They should take priority.

If you're more a fan of his Let's Plays than the vlog, then by all means, work on those summaries instead. We've got a lot of those to catch up on as well, and I'm not trying to force anyone to work on something they don't want to.

I've noticed that some of you are struggling with coding. If you need help, just ask. We all make mistakes, and we can all learn from them. Please just double check your work before submitting a page, so that other people don't have to go back and correct your mistakes later. If you're really having trouble, or notice a mistake that you can't fix, come to me or Stephen. Stephen has already made both text and video tutorials explaining the basics, which I would recommend you watch if you're not already familiar with the Wiki format. Even if you know the code, it's still a good idea to watch/read the tutorial because it outlines what he expects from each vlog day page.

Thank You, and God Bless.

-Thomas Buster, "TBustah"

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