aka Phillip Ho

  • I live in Horsham, PA
  • I was born on September 2
  • I am Male
  • SSRulz101

    Blog Update: 8/6/2014

    August 7, 2014 by SSRulz101

    Hey guys!

    Phillip here with I guess an update blog, something I probably have never done, but it does relate to what I am going to be talking about on this blog in terms of the Vlog pages I have created.

    You may have noticed that I re-edited the summary for Day 352 of the Vlog, which was one of the first Vlog pages I made on the wiki, and shortened it to about 2-5 sentences. There is an explanation for this. When I first started creating Vlog pages on the wiki about 2 years ago, I used to do the summaries by retelling everything that happened on that vlog day, including every single topic that Stephen mentions, as well as other random facts, and topics to discuss get the idea.

    I learned, however, after creating the page for D…

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  • SSRulz101

    How's it going everyone! I am Phillip Ho, once a common contributor to StephenWiki, and HOLY PISS it's been such a long time since I last updated anything here.

    So long story short for those who don't know: Last year, my Windows 7 Laptop capped out on me & as a result I wasn't able to do anything, including editing my own LP videos, or work on some of StephenWiki which I haven't been to in a long time due to school and family life.

    I would often visit StephenWiki during days when I'm in New Jersey for vacation, and sometimes work on the Wiki for a while. And I've done that for a year, though I rarely ever visit this site anymore these days.

    Ultimately, I got myself a new Windows 8 laptop which I'm already in love with, and I want to try somet…

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  • SSRulz101

    Hey guys!

    Alright, so summer vacation is almost ending very soon, but it is also the end of my consecutive days I am active for the Wiki. I'll try to be on still actively through my iPhone, but I have no idea on how to edit or create a page on a mobile device, and it can be a bit complicated, but I'll see if I can edit a page on my iPhone.

    That aside, I won't be active for much long after today. School is coming up, so I have to get myself ready for that, and I have a bunch of other personal issues to take care of. Also, my birthday is coming up soon (September 2nd, which is also Day 4 of PAX Prime 2013), so I want to have time for that. (I appreciate all "Happy Birthday" messages in advance!)

    If you guys have any tips on how to edit wiki pag…

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  • SSRulz101

    Hey guys!

    Sooo I bet y'all are wondering why I haven't been on this wiki in a long time. Well let me start by simply saying that I was busy with my Let's Plays and personal stuff and didn't have time to work on the wiki.

    However, two months ago, my laptop had motherboard problems and my laptop couldn't start up (Curse you dead battery!), so I am now without a laptop.

    I'm currently spending my summer vacation at my mom's house once again in New Jersey, and I had a good time in freshman year at high school, but I've been missing out at making pages and contributing to the wiki, so to make up for that, I'm going to be going through the pages of wiki pages that haven't been created yet for the next few days, and since summer vacation is ending so…

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  • SSRulz101 at school, we had a severe thunderstorm, with lightning, and thunder...and rain.

    It was so severe, in fact, that lightning actually struck a tree by my school's lower gym! Seriously! I was worried that it might actually fall and crash into the lower gym or something!

    I was really freaked out by that. I think everyone else at my school got freaked out by that.

    I believe this happened towards the end of the school day when I was in Spanish class...Almost all of my classmates freaked out when they heard the thunder. It was really bad...

    But anyways, the thunderstorm is gone for now, but how much do you want to bet that we're going to have another one tomorrow?

    Also, this is something you can discuss, but has there been a time where you…

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