Unhinged MtG 11 - Daily Pack02:32

Unhinged MtG 11 - Daily Pack

Unhinged MtG 11 - Daily Pack

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Sponsered byEdit

Youtube channel: oneNychthemeron


  • Red Hot Hotie
  • Shoe Tree
  • Cardpecker
  • Carnivoreus Death-Parrot
  • The Fallen Apart
  • Punctuate
  • Our Market Research Shows That Players Like Really long Card Names so We Made this Card to Have the Absolute Longest Name Ever Elemental.
  • Wordmail
  • Double Header
  • When Fluffy Bunnies Attack


  • Bosom Buddy
  • Togglodyte
  • Ursa's Hot Tub


  • Ambiguity

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