Unhinged (Day 373 - 12 2 10)07:16

Unhinged (Day 373 - 12 2 10)

Unhinged (Day 373 - 12/2/10)
Date: December 2nd, 2010
Running Time: 7:15

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  • Stephen's Parents' House
  • Stephen's Parents' Car


Remember the other day when Stephen discovered an unpleasant ulcer? Well, he's off to the dentist to get it examined! Also, the completion of Donkey Kong Country Returns, and a package from Jeremy that includes eleven Unhinged packs inside an Unhinged box.


  • Jeremy has sent something to Stephen before during Day 135 of the vlog.
  • Stephen mentions that the reason he wore glasses was because the new contacts he got on Monday were not from the same brand he used for seven years, and therefore has to go back to fix that.


  • Stephen: "Cause, as I said before....Dilation sucks."

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