Under Anesthesia -4K Vlog- • 5.1227:48

Under Anesthesia -4K Vlog- • 5.12.17

Under Anesthesia [4K Vlog] • 5.12.17
Date: May 12th, 2017
Running Time: 27:47

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  • Hospital room
  • Pre-op room
  • Hospital hallway
  • Stephen's car
  • Stephen and Mallory's house


Stephen prepares to get his appendix removed by showering and getting some rest. He also talks about how they haven't eaten since the sushi lunch they had the previous day.

Some time later, Stephen's operation is done and he is really loopy on anesthesia. This leads to several quotable instances, such as when he praises his nurse Kelsey for giving him ginger ale and when Dan visits. He also gets some simple food to eat after the surgery and is told not to pick up anything weighing more than 10 pounds for the next two weeks.

Some time after eating, Stephen's good to go. He even gets a ride to the car in a wheelchair. On the car ride home, he talks about how he had been looking forward to finishing Seinfeld before the hospital visit, and that he apologized to Mallory a lot since because of him having appendicitis, she wasn't able to finish her painting in time.

Back at the house, Stephen is having a rest after changing his own bandages. They get dinner brought to them by his parents. Since they are both tired from having to go the ER late at night and then the operation, Mallory falls asleep watching Seinfeld, so Stephen decides they should turn in early.


  • "Oh this bed and its butt inflator! I swear to god, it's always raising my butt up. I don't know if there's any way to stop that. Every, every few minutes it wants to raise my butt up, and I can't quite figure out why. I don't want my butt up in the air. I'm thinkin' they call that a feature, but I call that a bug." - Stephen
  • "He said he loooves ginger ale. It makes him feel like he's on a plane." - Kelsey (Stephen's nurse)
  • "Lo-bo-to-my! Lo-bo-to-my!" - Stephen (referencing Teenage Lobotomy by RAMONES)
  • "I don't know if the surgery went well, because I- I wasn't there." - Stephen
  • "It kinda feels like a raccoon died in my mouth." - Stephen
  • "Dan, I'm sorry we don't got any Pikmin recorded." - Stephen (to Dan when he visited)
  • "Oh it's nice, but I'm naked underneath, so my butt's touching the bed, and I'm not used to that since I don't sleep commando." - Stephen (after Dan compliments his gown)
    • "You don't sleep without- without your underwear?" - Dan
    • "No I don't do that. That seems a little peculiar because you get your butt crack sweat on the bed. But you know, to each their own." - Stephen
    • "That's the vlog title." - Dan (whispering)
  • "Drinking from the bowl makes me feel like Goku." - Stephen (when drinking chicken broth)
  • "Does anyone really want Jello?" - Stephen
    • "Old people like Jello." - Dan
    • "Now, that seems to be the incompatibility here." - Stephen


  • In this vlog, Stephen praises his nurse Kelsey several times for giving him ginger ale. This is similar to what happened on Day 2156 for his first surgery, where he praised his nurse then several times for giving him apple juice.
  • Stephen mentions in the vlog that he's never had Jello before.
  • This is the second vlog to be in 4K that is not a travelling vlog.

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