UNDER PRESSURE • 3.1510:42


Date: March 15th, 2017
Running Time: 10:41

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  • Stephen and Mal's house


The vlog starts at 5am, because Stephen and Mallory decided not to go to bed the night before so they could fix their sleep schedules, since they had woken up so late yesterday anyway.

Stephen then talks about how plugging the microphone into the right jack did not fix the weird video artifcating, which made him think he broke the expensive camera again. However, he ran some tests and found that the problem was caused by the SD card reader on his laptop not having enough power, and that made the video glitchy. This marks the end of the camera drama saga!

Some time later, Mal has taken a nap and they're cooking up lunch. While Mal plates the food, Stephen mentions that they've gotten some work done since the vlog started, and that he talked to Jeff about their camera problem. He said that Jeff thought that their camera problem were actually caused by the USB hub that Stephen used.

Before ending the day, Stephen talks about how the asparagus earlier was mushy. He then adds that they went out to dinner with Lindsey and her mom and her mom's "possy" (as Mal puts it), but didn't film anything for privacy reasons. Finally, it's time for bed, and the sleep schedule is fixed.


  • Stephen sings a bit of "Under Pressure" by Queen ft. David Bowie in this vlog, in reference to them cooking asparagus in the pressure cooker, hence the vlog title.

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