Turkey & Patmos (Day 2048 - 7 4 15)17:08

Turkey & Patmos (Day 2048 - 7 4 15)

Turkey & Patmos (Day 2048 - 7/4/15)
Date: July 4th, 2015
Running Time: 17:07

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  • A cruise ship
  • Kuşadası, Turkey
    • A bazaar
    • A restaurant
  • Patmos, Greece
    • A beach


Stephen and Mal take a walk around a bazaar in Turkey, and Stephen comes close to buying a Turkish carpet. Meanwhile, Mark and Rhonda head to Ephesus, which Stephen and Mal elected not to do. Unfortunately, it looks as though they missed out on some awesome architecture and historical attractions.

After lunch, the whole gang heads to the isle of Patmos. The destination feels a lot less commercialized and touristy than Turkey, so Stephen and Mal spend some time walking around and hanging out at the beach.

Naturally, since it's July the 4th, everyone tries to eat at a restaurant on the ship for Greek Night. It doesn't pan out too well - the restaurant fills up very quickly, so Stephen and the gang eat at another restaurant. To end the day, there's a Greek band that plays on the ship. Stephen feels incredibly neutral about the performance.

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