Tripping On The Sidewalk (Day 2035 - 6 21 15)06:49

Tripping On The Sidewalk (Day 2035 - 6 21 15)

Tripping On The Sidewalk (Day 2035 - 6/21/15)
Date: June 21st, 2015
Running Time: 6:48

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  • Los Angeles, CA
    • Rae's Restaurant
    • Alex's apartment
    • A sushi restaurant


The vlog starts out with everyone getting breakfast.  Josh has to brave the long journey home, so everyone bids him farewell. Even though he does ultimately survive his 20-hour drive back home, before he leaves, he gets Stephen to do an In Memoriam for him anyway. 

Everyone goes down to the fashion district because Mal wanted to.  They go out for dinner one last time before Stephen and Mal have to leave.  

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