Tomorrow Is Fruit Day (Day 905 - 5 17 12)04:54

Tomorrow Is Fruit Day (Day 905 - 5 17 12)

Tomorrow Is Fruit Day (Day 905 - 5/17/12)
Date: May 17th, 2012
Running Time: 4:54

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  • Stephen's house
  • Wal-Mart


Stephen comments about the rain and says he still is working Memorable Moments videos. It's settled at two a week and another Memorable Moments month, where Moments will be released every day. Mal is held back because of the rain, and the interstate (where the speed limit is 70) is slowed to 15 mph. It's that bad. The internet went out, so Stephen is worried about uploading vlogs and Let's Plays.

When the rain dies down, Stephen and Mal go shopping for food. They get a frozen pizza to eat for dinner, which Stephen thought it was the best pizza he ever had. The best part is there's still more leftover pizza. Then Stephen talks about the fruit he has to eat tomorrow, hence the vlog title. Mal starts feeling bad so she takes the day off from work.


  • Stephen mentions the fruit that Mallory brought back from her school from a grant on Day 904.
  • Stephen mentions that the internet went out in this video. His internet also went out on Day 664.


  • Stephen: "I'm, um, I'm not gonna lie. This is getting a bit absurd. It is the third day in a row that we've had thunderstorms."

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