Today Was A Good Day Of The Dead • 2.1814:31

Today Was A Good Day Of The Dead • 2.18.17

Today Was A Good Day Of The Dead • 2.18.17
Date: February 18th, 2017
Running Time: 14:30

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  • The Melting Pot
  • Stephen and Mal's house


Stephen, Mal, Dan and Lindsey have a delicious lunch at The Melting Pot. They then do some errands and go back to the house.

They watch Lost In Translation (2003) which evokes mixed reactions from the group (it was Stephen's favorite, but Lindsey's least favorite).

After that, they watch The Book of Life (2014), which all of them enjoyed and appreciated. They also point out that the film had a line that went "Today was a good day of the dead", which they found hilarious.

They then pick the movies for next time which are There Will Be Blood (2007) and 300 (2007) from Dan's and Lindsey's lists respectively.


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