Thomas Flying Man, Keeper Of Nevada (Day 329 - 10 19 10)07:24

Thomas Flying Man, Keeper Of Nevada (Day 329 - 10 19 10)

Thomas: Flying Man, Keeper Of Nevada (Day 329 - 10/19/10)
Date: October 19th, 2010
Running Time: 7:24

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  • Stephen's dorm


Alex and Dan practice some martial arts and Stephen gets two letters today. The first is from his grandmother and the second one is from Thomas (TBustah), who includes a signed card and a letter.

Tyron also emails Stephen a custom-made Magic: The Gathering card of "Y Juz".


  • Stephen: "Thomas: Flying Keeper of Men. No wait, that's... that-- Thomas: Flying Man, Keeper.. of Dodri... you know, I don't-- Thomas: Flying Man, Keeper of Nevada."


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