This Job Sucks (Day 201 - 6 13 10)07:49

This Job Sucks (Day 201 - 6 13 10)

This Job Sucks (Day 201 - 6/13/10
Date: June 13th, 2010
Running Time: 7:49

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  • Myrtle Beach


Stephen and Mallory begin their second day at work on the beach. It was much more difficult than the day before due to people wanting their umbrellas very far from where Stephen is stationed. Stephen and Mallory express wishes to quit their job due to it's difficulty. they are let go and hope to get their jobs at Carrabba's back. Stephen then decides to have fun by letting a woman use a seasonal package that rightfully belongs to a surfer who was not present when she arrived. the vlog ends in text with Stephen explaining the end of the situation and assuming they later married and lived a very happy life, leading some of the audience to believe that Stephen is a matchmaker.

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