This Is Shrimp • 1.609:42

This Is Shrimp • 1.6.17

This Is Shrimp • 1.6.17
Date: January 6th, 2017
Running Time: 9:41

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  • Stephen and Mal's House
  • Dan and Lindsey's apartment


Stephen ate an entire plate of chicken nachos yesterday, and he's feeling the effects of that today.

He and Mal head to Dan and Lindsey's place to set up some bookshelves. Lindsey cooks up some authentic Wisconsin fried cheese curds, as well as some... non-authentic "shrimp curds." Dan does his best impression of a cat by hiding in a box.


  • Stephen: "I don't like bananas."
    • Mal: "Yes you do."
    • Stephen: "Wait, yes I do."

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