This Crazy Day (Day 743 - 12 7 11)14:42

This Crazy Day (Day 743 - 12 7 11)

This Crazy Day (Day 743 - 12/7/11)
Date: December 7th, 2011
Running Time: 14:42

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  • Stephen's apartment
  • Stephen's car
  • Thomas' house


Stephen talks about how his Let's Play recordings are interspersed with noise from his microphone so that his talking is not clear and that Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was updated against his will which caused his frame rate to drop. Stephen says that he will buy a copy of the game for the Xbox 360 so he can continue the Let's Play of it; he doesn't find it at Toys "R" Us so he buys it from Amazon.

Then, Stephen and Mallory go to Thomas' house where he gives them Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card, Uglies by Scott Westerfeld, and cookie chips. Stephen also orders Ico and Shadow of the Colossus from Amazon and asks the viewers to comment about how their days were.


  • Stephen: "It'll be the second time I've ordered something on Amazon today, and Amazon's getting a lot of my money."
  • Stephen: "What? I can read the book, I'm not-I mean, I passed college."

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