This Crap Is Real! (Day 386 - 12 15 10)05:45

This Crap Is Real! (Day 386 - 12 15 10)

This Crap Is Real! (Day 386 - 12/15/10)
Date: December 15th, 2010
Running Time: 5:44

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  • Mallory's Dorm - UW Stout
  • The Classroom - UW Stout
  • Outside of Red Cedar Hall - UW Stout
  • Acoustic Cafe


Just when Stephen thought he was done with classes, he gets to watch Mallory work on projects for her last class of the semester. Plus, Stephen gets to freeze his butt off walking with Mal to have food at the Acoustic Cafe! ...Also there's truffles and Angry Birds!


  • Stephen reiterates that Mallory is done with school forever on Day 388.


  • Stephen: "There's snow. Look at this crap, this is real! This ain't fake! You can't fake that junk!"
    • Stephen: "Man, that person's got fire! They got smoke coming out of the chimney! This crap is real!"

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