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They REALLY Like Christmas (Day 1474 - 12 7 13)07:12

They REALLY Like Christmas (Day 1474 - 12 7 13)

They REALLY Like Christmas (Day 1474 - 12/7/13)
Date: December 7th, 2013
Running Time: 7:12



  • Indo Thai & Sushi
  • Costco
  • Stephen and Mal's apartment


Stephen and Mal are over at Indo Thai and Sushi for lunch, which Debra has recommended a few times before. Earlier, Mal a dermatologist's appointment to follow up on a biopsy. While at Costco, they come across a car with a plethora of Christmas ornaments. Stephen mentions that since their furnace broke down, he has no long pants to wear, so he is wearing shorts today. It's cold. He does have a sweatshirt, though (and Mal forces him to put it on).

Back at the apartment, they're having Costco pizza for dinner. They also have something special for dessert! Debra was doing some shopping at a plaza, and she wanted to go into the bakery to bring back some childhood memories from all the smells of the place. She ended up talking to the owners for a while, so she bought some miniature canolli and gave them to Stephen and Mal.


  • Mal: "You're lucky we had a sweatshirt in the car."
    • Stephen: "I'm not wearing the sweatshirt."
    • Mal: "Put on the stupid sweats--"
    • Stephen: "I'm gonna look stupid!"
    • Mal: "Friggin' put on the sweatshirt!"
    • Stephen: "Ahh... Once we get inside Costco it'll be fi--"
    • Mal: "Just put on the sweatshirt."
    • Stephen: "It's... it..."
    • Mal: "I'm not going anywhere unless you put the sweatshirt on."
    • [Cut to Costco interior]
    • Stephen: "Okay, I put it on."
  • Stephen: "We found a pot... that is really big.  I can only assume it's for cooking small children."

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