They Might Be Giants Told Me To Shave (Day 102 - 3 6 10)06:21

They Might Be Giants Told Me To Shave (Day 102 - 3 6 10)

They Might Be Giants Told Me To Shave (Day 102 - 3/6/10)
March 6th, 2010
Running Time: 6:21

(Day 101 BONUS)

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  • Hotel
  • Stephen's Car
  • Dorm at SCAD


Stephen shaves and tells us the story of why: during the TMBG's concert a spotlight was shined on the audience where they were sitting. The band said that some people were trying to catch up with other people growing beards, referring to Stephen. Before heading back to Savannah, they are going to stop and see Dan's brother and yet again Alex makes fun of Stephen's vlogging.

Heading back to Savannah, Alex films Dan while Stephen talks like him and tells how things went. After some stops, Stephen finally finding Lemon Lime Gatorade, and a talk about Mountain Dew and Gatorade, they arrive back at SCAD. Stephen does more work for the documentary and a letter from spcgammer1988 arrives containing a Magic trade. Stephen tell us that he is going to drop off Alex tomorrow at the airport because he is going to a game developer's conference in San Francisco.

Notes Edit

  • The name for this vlog comes from the Band They Might Be Giants commenting on some peoples facial appearances which Stephen took as them referring to him.
    • The second Land card is added to Frame #1 on this day.

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