There's Nothing in West Texas! (Day 1691 - 7 12 14)14:28

There's Nothing in West Texas! (Day 1691 - 7 12 14)

There's Nothing in West Texas! (Day 1691 - 7/12/14)
Date: July 12th, 2014
Running Time: 14:28

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  • Stephen's rental car
  • El Paso, TX
    • Starbucks
  • Fort Stockton, TX
    • Subway
  • San Antonio, TX
    • A hotel
    • North Star Mall
    • Game Over Video Games



Stephen and Mal's "Spa King" upgrade.

Stephen and Mal are outside Starbucks to access their internet to upload a Meetup Video. They buy some doughnuts then continue on their way to San Antonio via Fort Stockton. Stephen notes that the speed limit is 80 mph, which is good since most of the highways so far have been 75. On another note, Stephen got a text from T-Mobile welcoming him to Mexico.

They stop by for Subway at Fort Stockton, then make their way to San Antonio. When they check into their hotel, they get a free upgrade: a "Spa King" room with a giant Jacuzzi tub in their bedroom. They stop by the Cheesecake Factory for dinner, then visit Game Over Video Games, which happens to be a block away from their hotel. Some of their prices are quite high, but Stephen likes the huge inventory they have. He buys players' guides for Perfect Dark and Billy Hatcher.


  • The distance from El Paso to San Antonio is 552 miles, taking roughly 7.5 hours to travel. This is the longest leg of the road trip.

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